What is TileDoodle?
TileDoodle is a collaborative drawing game, where multiple people draw tiles of a bigger drawing. The entire drawing becomes visible when all of the tiles have been drawn.

What are the rules for drawings?

  • No personal information
    Don't add any personally identifiable information (usernames, email addresses, etc.) into the drawings you make.
  • No low-effort entries
    Submitting empty, very low-effort tiles is discouraged, and may lead to your account receiving a ban.
  • No explicit content
    Adult content such as sexual content, explicit language and graphic content is disallowed. The sole exception is when a drawing allows adult content. A notification will be displayed when drawing a tile for this type of drawing.

How can I view 18+ content?
Adult content is hidden by default from normal users and visitors. To enable viewing and participating in 18-rated content, login and enable 'Allow NSFW' in the "Change Preferences" page in your account settings.

How long does a drawing take to complete?
This depends on a variety of factors, such as the number of tiles to complete, whether people tend to skip the drawing more than others and how many people are able to participate in the drawing. Only a single person can work on a specific drawing at a time.

Can I draw with my friends?
YES! Just create a team with a password, and invite everyone to join them. Games created within the team are only available for team members.

Anything else?
You can contact me by sending a message to my email address.